Olympus unveils MEG4.0 wearable display prototype

Following Google’s footsteps, Japanese cameras & audio recorder maker Olympus has announced a prototype of its own augmented-reality glasses, dubbed the MEG4.0.

Olympus’s wearable computing device features a 320-by-240 pixel QVGA display that locates straight above the right eye of the user.

The display placement in the MEG4.0 is similar to that of Google Glass. But unlike Google’s wearable computing device, the MEG4.0 links to a user’s smartphone through Bluetooth to deliver information.

The Olympus Head Mounted Display (HMD) delivers information using the company’s proprietary Pupil Division Optical System (PDOS), which as per Olympus’ claims is vivid enough to be seen outside without sacrificing battery life.

In addition, the MEG4.0 includes an accelerometer and Global Positioning System that helps in determining the orientation of the augmented-reality glasses.

But it was odd to notice that the augmented reality glasses by a company that is best-known for its cameras don’t contain a camera.

As per Olympus’ claims, the current prototype of the futuristic glasses can squeeze out 8 hours of sporadic use, or 2 hours of nonstop projection. No word was uttered about pricing or launch date for the device.

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